Environmental Management Careers

Interested in learning how management and science connect to protect and restore our natural world? Passionate about the Chesapeake Bay, its resources and its people? Looking for a place to start your career? Welcome! Through the Environmental Management Career Development Program, Chesapeake Research Consortium works in partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Program  to provide three-year, entry-level positions for individuals looking to begin their careers in the environmental science and management fields.

The Chesapeake Bay Program hosts CRC Environmental Management Staffers at its partnership office in Annapolis, Maryland. Each Staffer supports one or more of the partnership’s teams as they work towards meeting the Chesapeake Bay Watershed Agreement’s  goals. During a Staffer’s time in the program, they gain valuable work experience, develop specialized skills, build their professional networks and contribute to one of the premier watershed restoration programs in the world.

Work Experience


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Over the course of their three years in the program, Staffers gain a wide variety of working experience. Staffers play critical roles in bringing the right people together at the right times to advance their team’s progress. Setting agendas, communicating with team members across the Bay’s watershed, developing and gathering briefing materials, documenting their groups’ discussions and decisions, and tracking actions are all part of a day’s work. Staffers may also be asked to preform literature reviews, help analyze data, develop communication and outreach materials, and more. The Staffers are valued as partnership team members and encouraged to apply their knowledge, skills and enthusiasm to their groups’ mission.

Professional Development


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Each Staffer will be given ample opportunity to explore the subject areas that inspire them the most and develop critical skills needed to continue their careers or enroll in advanced academic study. Staffers are encouraged to attend workshops, field outings, trainings, and conferences to learn more about topics of their choosing. Opportunities to network with a wide variety of professionals are around every corner. Staffers are also provided with training opportunities to develop skills such as grant writing, facilitation, and leadership that will benefit them regardless of what specific steps they take after their time with CRC.

Giving Back


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Volunteering is a great way to gain experience and to give back to the Bay community. Staffers are provided with work time that they can use to teach science lessons at a local school, help a research team with field work, attend a tree planting event, and much more. These volunteer hours are a great way for Staffers to get their feet wet and get out of the office for a while which is something we all look forward to!

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How to Apply

Positions within the Environmental Management Career Development Program become available at random times throughout the year. All program openings are posted on the CRC Positions page and position announcements are distributed through our mailing list. Applications consist of a cover letter, resume, list of three references, transcripts (unofficial is fine) and a writing sample.

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Questions about CRC’s Environmental Management Career Development Program? Contact us at crc-careerdevelopment@chesapeake.org.